The directory examples/ in Tamaas’ root repository contains example scripts dedicated to various aspects of Tamaas:


This script generates a rough surface and computes its power spectrum density as well as its autocorrelation function.


This script generates a rough surface and solves an adhesion-less elastic contact problem.


This script solves a rough contact problem with an exponential energy functional for adhesion. It also shows how to derive an energy functional in python.


This script solves a saturated contact problem (i.e. pseudo-plasticity) with a rough surface.


This script solves an equilibrium problem with an eigenstrain distribution and a surface traction distribution and writes the output to a VTK file. It demonstrates how the integral operators that Tamaas uses internally for elastic-plastic contact can be used directly in Python.


This script solves an elastoplastic Hertz contact problem with three load steps and writes the result to VTK files.


This script shows how to implement a contact solver in python that uses the contact functionals of Tamaas. Here we use Scipy’s scipy.optimize.minimize() function to solve a contact problem with penalty.


This script shows how to solve a non-periodic problem and compute the true surface interference